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LED 3D Letters Signboard

LED Channel letters is one of the best tools to make people to recognize your business easily. The authentic and shape of the color on LED 3D Letters Signboard can grab the customer attention toward your business. It is can be used in indoor or at outdoor malls, or even stand alone shop lots, channel letters are often the best tool identify a business. Channel letters can be customized in different lettering types, fonts, styles, and LED or Neon illumination.

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Kuala Lumpur Signboard Company​


LED Channel Letters Signboard

LED Frontlit

Strong, bright, illuminating, and eye-catching LED front-lit design can attract sights and attention of the customer toward your brand.

LED Frontlit & Backlit
Illuminated LED signs come together with two design combination of both front-lit and back-lit designs. Customized with two or more different colours.

LED Backlit

Back-lit design LED signs give a hidden brightness and shines a softer light to gives a mystery and special look.

LED Exposed

LED signs with exposed LED design gives your brand sign a more authentic and special look in attracting the customers.

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

Front-lit and side-lit design' LED sign show a 3D dimensional of your business brand. LED frontlit and Sidelit light up brightly and customer can see it clearly.

LED Light Bulb

LED light bulb-designed signage provides an awesome look for your brand sign to better attract sights and grab the attentions of customer.