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Our Services

In order to plan the efficient and durable products for you, our sales representatives and sign consultants will help you by working on your requirement while planning your signboard. The basic step starts by review the site planning and landscaping, then only continue to discuss positioning, colors and material.  After these steps are done, we will help you estimate comprehensive cost of production to suit your budget that can fit your needs and project the image that represents your company in the same time.

Design is not only about appeal or surface, but also the way it make. The signboard that we provide for our customer is quality, functional and aesthetically- pleasing by using finest grade of material, advance manufacture technology and human resource, which is full with dedication, skills, expertise and experience. We strive to ensure your signage is made by our best effort.   

After we have confirmed the design, we will proceed to next phrase: fabrication. The fabrication service that we offer include: computerized letter fabrication, welding, neon, bending computer routed lettering, screen printing and others. By experienced staff and advance equipment, we promise to the sign we make for you is durable, functional and pleasing. 

After the signboard has done, we also provide service of installation. We provide professional installation by able to handle any sign, size, location with our well trained installer and complete equipment. Moreover, we also provide service of install internal and external symbol systems in any type of building: supermarkets, multi-story office complexes, bank, airport, civic centre, shopping plaza, trade show, entertainment centre and more.

Other than design, we also focus on after-sales service. We not only provide a detail description of explaining the way of proper maintenance and upkeep of the signboard but also have maintenance service especially mechanical or lighting problems. The services that we provide not only help us maintain long lasting relationship with our customer but also build our reputation today which we are proud of. 

Fulfil customer’s need is our mantra.        

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